Audi MMI   Controls  Multi-function steering wheel
Applies to vehicles: with multi-function steering wheel and navigation system
Important: A destination or tour plan must have been entered Link, the route guidance function must have been started Link, and the navigation display tab must be open Fig. 1.
-1- Distance to turn-off
-2- Total distance to destination/next stopover
-3- Name of motorway, major road or street you are driving on. An arrow in front of the street name indicates that you are being directed to turn into the street.
-4- Estimated time of arrival
-5- Arrow indicating direction of upcoming turn-off
-6- If an arrow is displayed, a bar graph will also appear. The fewer bars are displayed, the shorter the distance to the turn-off point.
The following functions are available when route guidance is active:
  • To have the last navigation cue repeated: Press the button.
  • To adjust the volume of the navigation cues: Scroll the right thumbwheel up/down while a navigation cue is being played.
  • To select street display/arrow display: Press the button and confirm Street view or Arrow view.
If route guidance has not been started, a compass is shown in the navigation display tab.
The route calculated by the navigation system is a recommendation of how best to reach a destination. Pay attention to traffic lights, no-stopping signs, lane change restrictions, one-way streets, etc.
An exclamation mark "!" in front of the street name indicates that the navigation data of the MMI system do not contain all the information on this street or street section. Pay attention to traffic rules such as one-way streets or pedestrian zones.