Audi MMI   Controls  System settings
Select: MENU button > control button Setup MMI.
You can alter the language of texts shown on the MMI display and the driver information system as well as the language of the voice guidance* and speech dialogue system*.
The number of languages available depends on the market.
Measurement units
The following measurement units can be set on the MMI display and the driver information system:
  • Speed (km/h or mph)
  • Distance (km or miles)
  • Temperature (°C or °F)
  • Pressure (bar or psi)
  • Consumption (ltr/100 km, mpg (US), mpg (UK) or km/ltr)
  • Capacity (litres, gallons (UK) or gallons (US))
Speech dialogue system
Command display: The display of possible commands during a speech dialogue can be switched on/off.
Short dialogue: This option can be switched on/off; when it is activated, the spoken cues played by the system are abbreviated.
Input signal: You can switch the input signal Beep on and off during a dialogue.
Speech dialogue system volume: Turn the rotary pushbutton to adjust the volume of the spoken cues.
Individual speech training (only possible when the vehicle is stationary): You can use the individual speech training to adapt the speech dialogue system to your voice or pronunciation so that the speech dialogue system can then better recognise what you are saying. The individual speech training prompts you to repeat 40 spoken phrases that consist of certain commands and blocks of digits. If you would like to delete the stored speech training setup, you can use the function Reset speech training.
Delete all name tags: All the name tags (spoken names) you have stored will be deleted.
Display settings
Display brightness: You can adjust the brightness of the MMI display by turning the rotary pushbutton.
Switch off display*: The display can be switched off manually. To switch the display back on again, press a button to call up a menu or the BACK button.
Factory settings
You can reset the following functions to the factory settings:
  • Sound settings
  • Radio
  • Media settings
  • Jukebox
  • TV/AV*
  • Directory*
  • Telephone*
  • Bluetooth*
  • Navigation settings*
  • Navigation and online memory*
  • Speech dialogue system
You can select the desired options individually or mark Select all entries. Select and confirm Restore factory settings.
If you reset the Jukebox to the factory settings, all music/video files will be deleted and the Media settings will be reset.
System update
The system update function can be used to update the MMI software (e.g. navigation data*, On-board Handbook) via USB, a DVD or an SD card.
For more information on the System update function, please go online (e.g. or contact an Audi dealer.
Data encryption
You can protect your personal data, e.g. contacts in the directory, navigation* destinations and name tags, with a personal password. When replacing the MMI device, your personal data can only be transferred to a new device with your password. The pre-set password ("MMI3G") is valid until you set your own personal password.
Version information
The software version of the MMI and the navigation database* are displayed.