Audi MMI   Communication   Audi connect  Setting up
Applies to vehicles: with Audi connect
You mobile phone must support the remote SIM Access Profile (rSAP).
For information regarding which Bluetooth connections and functions your mobile phone supports, contact your mobile network service provider or consult the mobile device database at Fig. 1.
The vehicle must be stationary, and the ignition must be switched on.
The Bluetooth function and the discoverability option of the MMI system Link and the mobile phone must be activated.
The MMI and the mobile phone you would like to bond must not be connected actively to any other Bluetooth device.
Access to your SIM card (SIM Access) must be activated on your mobile phone.1)
Connecting a mobile phone
Select: TEL button > Search for new mobile phone. The available Bluetooth devices are shown on the MMI display. Or: Search for the MMI system via the Bluetooth device search function on your mobile phone.
Select and confirm the desired mobile phone from the list of Bluetooth devices shown.
Select and confirm Car phone. The MMI will generate a PIN for the connection Fig. 3.
Select and confirm Yes.
Enter the PIN to establish a connection on your mobile phone. Or: If the PIN is already being displayed on your mobile phone, confirm it on the phone and in the MMI. You have about 30 seconds to enter the PIN code.
Then enter the PIN code for your SIM card.
Please note any additional system queries on your mobile phone, e.g. whether the phone should connect automatically in the future. On some mobile phones, you may also need to download the directory separately.
After connecting successfully
The signal strength bar -7- Fig. 4 and the Bluetooth symbol -14- will appear in the status line of the MMI display when the mobile phone has been connected successfully.
You can now use Audi connect.
Select: MENU button > Audi connect.
Confirm the system query of whether an Internet connection should be established with Yes.
  • Bluetooth devices only have to be bonded once. Depending on the mobile phone you are using, any devices that have already been bonded to the MMI system are connected automatically when they are within range and the ignition is on. You can bond several mobile phones to the MMI system; however only one connection is active at a time.
  • You receive the SIM PIN code from your mobile network service provider together with the SIM card. If you enter the SIM PIN code incorrectly three times in a row, the SIM card will be be blocked. A PUK (personal unblocking key) must be entered in order to reactivate the SIM card.
  • Any Bluetooth device that is already connected to the MMI system is disconnected when another device is connected to the system.
  • The Bluetooth connection between the system and the mobile phone is automatically terminated when you leave the car.
  • For further information regarding your mobile phone, contact your mobile network service provider or refer to the operating instructions for your mobile phone. For information on using a phone in your car, please go online (e.g. or ask an Audi dealer.
1) Applies to vehicles with car telephone kit and mobile phone with remote SIM Access Profile