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LED on remote control key
The LED Fig. 1 lights up when you press the buttons.
The LED should flash once when you press one of the buttons briefly.
The LED should flash repeatedly when you press and hold one of the buttons (convenience open/close*).
If the LED does not flash, the battery in the remote control key is flat. In addition, the indicator lamp may light up and the message Please change key battery may appear on the instrument cluster display. Replace the battery.
Replacing the battery for the remote control key
Carefully prise the cover -B- off the key -A- using a coin Fig. 2, and remove the cover in the direction of the arrow.
Insert the new battery with the "+" symbol facing up.
Press the cover back onto the key until it clicks into place.
We recommend having the battery changed by a qualified workshop.
For the sake of the environment
Used batteries must be disposed of appropriately and must not be discarded with ordinary household waste.
The new battery must be of the same type as the original one.