Audi RS Q3   Controls   Seats and storage  Luggage compartment
The backrests can be folded down separately or together.
Folding down backrest
Pull the release lever -A- Fig. 1 in the direction indicated by the arrow and fold down the backrest.
Returning backrest to an upright position
Move the backrest back into its upright position until it engages and the red marking -B- is no longer visible WARNING!.
The rear backrest must always be securely latched so that objects stored in the luggage compartment will not fly forward during sudden braking.
  • If you need to adjust the front seats when the rear backrest is folded forwards, please take care to avoid damaging the rear head restraints.
  • When returning the backrest to an upright position, make sure that the seat belts for the outer rear seats are not caught up and damaged. It is also important to remove any other objects from the rear seats to avoid damaging the backrest when folding it forwards.