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Applies to vehicles: with automatic air conditioner
Automatic air conditioner controls
Fig. 1 Automatic air conditioner controls
The rotary controls are used to adjust the temperature, blower speed and air distribution. The functions can be switched on and off by pressing the buttons. The diode in the corresponding button lights up when the function is switched on.
The rear window heating Link and seat heating Link are described in separate sections of this manual.
Automatic air conditioner
We recommend pressing the AUTO button and setting the temperature to 22 °C (72 °F). The air conditioner is fully automatic, and will maintain the desired temperature at a constant level. The temperature of the air supplied to the interior, the blower speed and the air distribution are regulated automatically. When the heater is on, the blower normally only switches to a higher speed once the coolant has warmed up sufficiently (this does not apply to the defrost setting).
AC Switching air cooling on/off
When the air cooling is switched off, the air is neither cooled nor dehumidified. The windows may mist up as a result. The air cooling is switched off automatically at low outside temperatures (below zero).
Switching air recirculation on/off
In air recirculation mode, the air from the interior of the vehicle is filtered and recirculated. This setting prevents fumes etc. from entering the interior. We recommend switching on the air recirculation mode when driving through a tunnel or in traffic queues WARNING!.
The air recirculation mode is switched off when the AUTO or button is pressed.
If the engine is cold, the air conditioner will automatically switch to air recirculation mode when the vehicle is reversing.
AUTO Switching automatic mode on/off
The automatic mode maintains a constant temperature inside the vehicle. Air temperature, output and distribution are regulated automatically.
Selecting the temperature
The interior temperature can be set as required by turning the rotary control. The temperature can be adjusted between about +16 °C (+60 °F) and +28 °C (+84 °F). In the two extreme settings the air conditioner operates continuously with maximum cooling or heating output, and the temperature is not regulated automatically.
Adjusting the blower speed
You can adjust the blower speed manually. Press the AUTO button for automatic control of the blower speed.
Adjusting the air distribution
The rotary control with symbols , and is used to adjust the air distribution. Press the AUTO button for automatic air distribution.
You can regulate the air flow and control the direction of the air emerging from the round outlets in the dashboard by turning the adjuster knob and moving the grille.
Switching the defroster on/off
The windscreen and side windows are defrosted or demisted as quickly as possible. The air output is increased to maximum and most of the air comes out of the outlets below the windscreen. The air recirculation mode is deactivated. The temperature is regulated automatically.
The defroster is switched off when the AUTO button is pressed.
For reasons of safety you should not leave the air recirculation switched on for too long. This mode prevents fresh air from entering the vehicle, so the windows can mist over if the air cooling is switched off. Bad visibility can cause an accident.

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