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Coolant is used to cool the engine.
The coolant consists of a mixture of water and anti-freeze additive. The additive contains anti-freeze and corrosion protection agent. The cooling system is filled for life at the factory, so the coolant does not need to be changed.
The coolant level is monitored by a warning lamp in the instrument cluster Link. However, we recommend that it should be checked occasionally.
Anti-freeze additive
If you do need to top up the coolant, use anti-freeze additive G12++ conforming to the specification TL 774 G. The required concentration of anti-freeze additive depends on the climate of the country in which you are driving. If the anti-freeze concentration is too low, the coolant can freeze and cause engine damage.

Frost protection
Countries with
warm climate
min. 40%
max. 45%
min. -25 °C
Countries with
cold climate
min. 50%
max. 60%
max. -40 °C
  • It is advisable to have the cooling system checked by an Audi dealer or qualified workshop before the winter season to make sure that the antifreeze concentration is adequate for the conditions to be expected. This applies particularly if you drive into a colder climate zone.
  • Use G12++ anti-freeze additive. G12++ can be mixed only with additives G12+ and G12. To prevent damage to the engine, do not use a different type of additive if these anti-freeze additives are not available. In this case use only water and bring the coolant concentration back up to the correct level as soon as possible by putting in the specified additive.
  • Always top up with fresh, unused coolant.
  • Radiator sealants must not be added to the coolant. Such additives could seriously impair the function of the cooling system.

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