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Snow chains will improve the vehicle's handling on snow-covered roads.
Snow chains can be used on the front wheels only.
Keep your speed below 50 km/h.
Snow chains will improve braking ability as well as traction in winter conditions.
For technical reasons snow chains may only be used on tyres with certain wheel rim/tyre combinations.
Rim size
Rim offset
Tyre size
6Jx15 (steel)
30 mm
6Jx16 (aluminium)
30 mm
Only use snow chains with fine-pitch links. The links must not protrude more than 13.5 mm from the tyres (including tensioner).
Remove wheel covers (if fitted) and trim rings before attaching snow chains. For safety reasons cover caps must then be fitted over the wheel bolts. These are available from Audi dealers.
Remove the chains when roads are free of snow. Otherwise they will impair handling, damage the tyres and wear out very quickly.

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