Audi A1   Self-help   Self-help  Changing a wheel
Applies to vehicles: with anti-theft wheel bolts
A special adapter is required to turn the anti-theft wheel bolts.
Pull off the hub cap* Link or wheel bolt cap* Fig. 1 -2- using the plastic clip (provided in the vehicle's tool kit).
Insert the adapter -3- completely into the wheel bolt -1-.
Fit the box spanner as far as it will go over the adapter -3-.
Loosen or tighten the wheel bolt Link.
Before you pull off the cover cap* -2-, push the plastic clip onto the wheel bolt cap until it engages fully over the cap.
It is advisable to carry the wheel bolt adapter in the vehicle. It should be stored with the tool kit.
The code number of the anti-theft wheel bolt is stamped on the front of the adapter. Your Audi dealer will need this number to replace the adapter if lost.
Note the code number of the anti-theft wheel bolt and keep it in a safe place – not in your vehicle.

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