Audi MMI  Controls  MMI control console
You can easily call up the various functions of the MMI system with its intuitive and standardised control layout.
Selecting and confirming a function
-A- To select a function: Turn the rotary pushbutton to the desired function.
-B- To confirm the selection: Press the rotary pushbutton.
Calling up a function in a corner of the display
Press the control button -C- that corresponds to the corner of the display. For instance, the top right control button corresponds with the top right corner of the display.
Calling up the main menu
Press the button marked MENU -7- Fig. 2. The MMI menus (e.g. Radio) are displayed.
Calling up a menu directly
Press the corresponding button -6- towards the menu you wish to open (e.g. RADIO or MEDIA).
Returning to the previous function level
Press the BACK button -7-.

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