Audi MMI  Controls  Multi-function steering wheel
Applies to vehicles: with multi-function steering wheel
You can use the multi-function steering wheel to operate a number of MMI functions and the driver information system, adjust the volume and switch the speech dialogue system* on/off.
Important: The ignition and the MMI system must be switched on Link.
-1- How to use the driver information system
The driver information system shows information -B- in several display tabs -A-.
  • To switch between tabs: Press the left/right side of the button.
  • To select a function: Scroll the left thumbwheel to the desired function.
  • To confirm your selection: Press the left thumbwheel.
  • To scroll through lists rapidly: Scroll the left thumbwheel quickly.
  • To open/leave a submenu: Press the button.
The equipment installed on your vehicle determines which of the following tabs are available:
  • 1st tab: Information on car, assist systems
  • 2nd tab1): Warning/indicator lamps, driver messages, speed warning
  • 3rd tab: Radio/media Link
  • 4th tab: Telephone* Link
  • 5th tab: Navigation* Link
-2- Steering wheel button
  • To call up the assigned function: Press the button on the multi-function steering wheel.
  • To change the assigned function: On the MMI, select MENU button > Car > control button Car systems* > Vehicle settings > Steering wheel button.
-3- Adjusting the volume
You can adjust the volume of an audio source or system message (e.g. during a speech dialogue) directly while it is being played.
  • Volume up/down: Scroll the right thumbwheel up/down.
  • Mute/pause: Scroll the right thumbwheel down. Or: Press the right thumbwheel.
  • Unmute/resume: Scroll the right thumbwheel upwards. Or: Press the right thumbwheel.
-4- Switching the speech dialogue system on/off
  • To switch on: Briefly press the button on the multi-function steering wheel. Give a spoken command after the beep signal.
  • To switch off: Press and hold the button for several seconds. Or: Say the command CANCEL.
For more information about the speech dialogue system, refer to Link.
-5- Navigation cue during active route guidance*
  • To have the last navigation cue repeated: Press the button.
  • To adjust the volume of the navigation cues: Scroll the right thumbwheel up/down while a navigation cue is being played.
1) The second tab is only visible if one or more warning/indicator lamps or driver messages are displayed or if the relevant system is switched on.

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