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Media and format limitations: The MMI system (including the SD card reader and the connection for the USB mass storage device*) has been tested for use with many of the products and media currently available on the market. However, there may be some devices/media and audio/video* files that are not supported or cannot be played, or the functionality may be limited under certain circumstances.
Copyright: Please note that copyright law applies to audio/video* files.
The MMI media drives do not support DRM-protected files; these files are marked with the symbol .
Data storage: Never store important data on SD cards, the jukebox, CDs/DVDs or portable players. Audi shall not accept any liability whatsoever for the loss of files and media.
Loading times: The more files, folders or playlists are stored on a storage device, the longer it will take to load the audio files/video* files. We recommend using a storage device which contains only audio/video* files. If you want to reduce the time it takes to load the audio/video* files, you can create subfolders (e.g. for an artist or album). The loading time will be extended additionally if you are importing data.
Metadata: Metadata stored on audio files (e.g. artists, tracks, album covers) will be displayed automatically when the files are played. If this information is not stored on the relevant medium, the MMI system will use the database of metadata from Gracenote. Nevertheless, metadata may not be displayed in some cases.
Restricted functionality: If you experience restricted functionality, reset the Media settings to the factory defaults Link.
If you experience restricted functionality of the jukebox, reset it to the factory settings Link.
For information on the characteristics of the supported media and file formats, please refer to Link onwards.

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