Audi MMI  Controls  Media drives/connections
The DVD drive is located in the glove box.
  • To load a CD/DVD: The CD/DVD will be drawn in automatically. Insert the CD/DVD (text facing upwards) into the DVD slot -2- Fig. 1, holding it straight.
  • To eject a CD/DVD: Press button -1-.
After it has been ejected, the CD/DVD will be pulled back into the DVD drive automatically after about ten seconds if it is not removed from the DVD slot.
The DVD drive is started and operated via the MMI Link.
  • Never use any force to push a CD/DVD into the drive. The CD/DVD will be drawn into the slot automatically.
  • Do not insert any CDs/DVDs with stickers into the media drive. The stickers could become detached from the CD/DVD and damage the drive.
Playback cannot be guaranteed if the CD/DVD contains audio/video files with a high data rate.

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