Audi MMI  Communication  Telephone  Dialling a telephone number
Applies to vehicles: with telephone
Select: TEL button > Enter number.
  • To enter a telephone number using numbers: Enter a telephone number using the speller for numbers Fig. 1.
  • To enter a telephone number using letters: Press the control button for A-Z. Enter a series of letters, e.g. AUDISERVICE using the speller for letters.
  • To dial a telephone number: Select and confirm OK. Or: Press the control button for Dial. The current audio source is muted while the connection is established.
  • To delete letters/numbers individually: Select and confirm .
  • To delete all the numbers/letters you have entered at once: Turn the speller to and press and hold the rotary pushbutton.
You can enter DTMF tones ("touch-tones") using the speller while you are talking on the phone.

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