Audi MMI  Communication  Telephone
Applies to vehicles: with telephone
To answer an incoming call: Press the control button for Answer.
To ignore an incoming call: Press the control button for Ignore.
To end a call/cancel the dialling process: Press the control button for End call.
To answer a further call: If you are already talking on the phone when someone else calls, select Answer to place the current call on hold and to answer the incoming call. If you select Ignore, the incoming call will be declined.
Caller information: Depending on whether the caller is stored in the directory and whether the telephone number is transmitted with the call, the name, the telephone number or Unknown will appear on the MMI display and on the driver information system.
  • The audio source is muted automatically when you make or receive telephone calls.
  • If the MMI display was switched off, it will be switched on automatically when there is an incoming call.

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