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Select: TEL button > Directory > control button Settings.
Memory capacity
The Memory capacity of the directory will be displayed.
You can manage up to 10500 contacts with the directory. Up to 2000 contacts can be loaded from your mobile phone into each private directory. Additionally, you can create up to 500 contacts in the local MMI memory (private), as well as 500 in the local MMI memory (public).
Sort order
You can sort the contacts in your directory alphabetically according to the surname or first name.
Show public contacts
You can choose to activate or deactivate the display of public contacts. Select yes to show all contacts in the local MMI memory (public); if you select no they are hidden if a mobile phone is connected to the MMI.
Download phone book
To update the contacts in the MMI, you can download the contacts from your mobile phone manually. Depending on the mobile phone you are using, the Bluetooth connection may have to be disconnected and re-established before you can update the contacts.
Delete contacts
You can delete all contacts in the local memory at once by selecting the option Delete all contacts. Select Delete private contacts to delete all contacts stored in the local memory (private). The contacts in the local memory (public) can be deleted by selecting Delete public contacts.

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