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Applies to vehicles: with Audi connect
The vehicle must be stationary, and the ignition must be switched on.
Inserting SIM card
Insert your mini SIM card (printed side facing up, contact surface facing down) into the slot of the card reader Fig. 1. The missing corner of the SIM card should be at the front left. Then push the SIM card into the slot until you feel it engage.
Enter the PIN code for your SIM card in the MMI.
Press the control button for OK.
To allow the MMI to connect automatically in the future, select and confirm Yes.
To establish an Internet connection for Audi connect services, confirm the prompt on the display with Yes.
After connecting successfully
After connecting successfully, one or two signal strength bars -9-/-10- Fig. 2 (depending on the connection type) will be displayed in the status line of the MMI display.
You can now use Audi connect.
Select: MENU button > Audi connect.
Confirm the system query of whether an Internet connection should be established with Yes.
Removing SIM card
Briefly press the SIM card. The card will then eject from the slot. Remove the SIM card.
Making and receiving telephone calls via the MMI is only possible using the Bluetooth connection (Handsfree) Link.

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