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You can access the most important functions of your Facebook account via the MMI.
Important: You must have a Facebook account and your vehicle must be connected to myAudi Link.
Select and confirm a category, for example News Feed.
You can choose the following categories in the Facebook menu:
  • Nearby: Friends located near you are displayed.
  • Timeline: Your Facebook timeline is displayed.
  • News Feed: New posts (e.g. from friends or groups) are displayed.
  • Events: Events to which you have been invited are displayed.
  • Messages: Messages you have received are displayed.
  • Friends: All your Facebook friends are displayed.
Depending on the Facebook category chosen, different Functions will be available to you:
  • What's on your mind?: You can update your Facebook status with the help of ready-made templates or text blocks personalised using myAudi.
  • Where are you?: You can enter your current location and make it visible to others.
  • Show on map: An entry (e.g. friends nearby) is shown on the map.
  • Refresh:The Facebook function selected is updated.
  • Further settings (such as Account Settings and Privacy Settings) cannot be changed in the MMI. If you wish to change anything in these menus, please do so on the Facebook website itself.
  • You can only connect one Facebook account to your myAudi account.
  • You can use the Internet to add personal templates at
  • Audi connect enables you to access the Facebook service. Audi cannot guarantee that these services will be available indefinitely; this is the responsibility of Facebook.

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