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Applies to vehicles: with Audi connect
You must configure a data connection before you can use Audi connect services.
Select: MENU button > Audi connect > Settings > Data connection.
You can select when you would like the system to establish an Internet connection in the Data connection menu. The online connection is severed automatically when a requested Audi connect service no longer requires any further data.
The following options are available:
  • if requested: A data connection will only be established on request.
  • without request: A data connection will be established automatically for the use of Audi connect services.
  • never: A data connection will not be established. It is then not possible to call up Audi connect services.
When a data connection has been established, a symbol indicating the active data connection -1- Fig. 1 appears in the status line of the MMI display.
You can cancel an active data connection manually by setting the Connect option to never.
Data roaming
The Data roaming function is deactivated when the vehicle leaves the factory. Data roaming must be activated () before you can use a data connection abroad.
MMI online
With the MMI online function, you can allow or deny the use of Audi connect services if the connection is set to without request or if requested > yes.
WLAN devices
You can use the WLAN devices function to allow or deny a connection to the Internet.
Connection settings
Depending on the SIM card used, the connection may be configured automatically. However, these settings can be changed. For more information, contact your service provider.
  • APN: The system access point depends on your mobile network service provider and is assigned automatically.
  • User name: The user name for your online profile is assigned by your mobile network service provider.
  • Password: The password for your online profile is assigned by your mobile network service provider.
  • Authentication: Depending on your mobile network service provider, an authentication (identity verification) for your service provider may be necessary. If this is the case, select secure; otherwise choose the option normal.
The new settings will not be stored until you exit the Connection settings menu by pressing the BACK button.
Reset configuration
An online profile is created and configured automatically. The Connection settings you have changed manually are reset to the default settings.
  • According to the factory settings, the data connection will be interrupted initially when you travel abroad to protect you from unexpected roaming charges. If you want to use Audi connect services abroad, you must first activate the Data roaming option.
  • When using Google Earth you will be asked explicitly whether you want to allow roaming before the system dials into a foreign mobile phone network.
  • For more information on roaming charges, contact your service provider.

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