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  • Audi connect services are only available with an existing mobile phone contract (or one set up separately) and if you are in an area with mobile phone network coverage. Depending on your mobile phone tariff, you may be charged for receiving data packets online, especially if you are using the system abroad. Because of the high level of data usage, we strongly recommend using an unlimited data plan.
  • The mobile phone standard LTE* is not available for use in all countries. For further information, please consult an Audi dealer or your mobile network service provider.
  • In order to use Audi connect services, you will need a SIM card with a data option; to use LTE*, the SIM card will also need to have an LTE data option.
  • The availability, scope, provider and price of the services offered can vary, as can the way in which the services are displayed on the screen. These variations depend on your country, model, model year, device and mobile phone contract.
  • Whether Audi connect services can be used depends on the availability of services provided by third parties.
  • Please also observe the notes in the chapter Telephone Link.
  • For more information on Audi connect, see or contact your Audi dealer. For information on the conditions of your mobile phone contract, please contact your mobile network service provider.

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