Audi MMI  Navigation  Navigating
The navigation system guides you directly to your destination, avoiding traffic obstructions and using alternative routes if desired.
Select: NAV button.
After calling up the navigation, the menu that was last open will be displayed.
  • To switch between the map and the destination entry screen: Press the NAV button again.
  • Today's driving conditions require the full attention of drivers. Please see Link.
  • Pay attention to traffic rules when driving.
  • The route calculated by the navigation system is a recommendation of how best to reach a destination. Pay attention to traffic lights, no stopping signs, lane change restrictions, one-way streets, etc.
  • Should the navigation directions contradict the current traffic regulations, you must always follow the traffic regulations.
  • The volume should only be set at a level which enables you to hear distant police and emergency vehicles clearly – failure to do so could result in an accident.
  • Snow or other obstructions on the GPS aerial or interference caused by trees or large buildings could affect the reception of the satellite signals and make positioning difficult. GPS reception and vehicle positioning can also be adversely affected by deactivation or a malfunction of several satellites.
  • Road names can change; therefore the names stored on the MMI may be different from the actual names in exceptional cases.
  • For more information on the navigation map update service*, please see the Operating Manual for Audi connect at

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