Audi MMI  Navigation  Navigating
Applies to vehicles: with navigation system
Press the NAV button repeatedly until the map is displayed Fig. 1.
Zooming in/out on the map
  • Turn the rotary pushbutton clockwise or anti-clockwise. Or: Scroll the left thumbwheel on the multi-function steering wheel* Link.
Switching the crosshairs on/off
  • To switch on the crosshairs: Press the rotary pushbutton while the map is being displayed.
  • To switch off the crosshairs: Press the BACK button.
Crosshairs switched off:
-1- Orientation: The map is displayed either from the north position or from the driving position.
-2- Scale: Turn the rotary pushbutton clockwise/anti-clockwise to zoom in or out. The automatic zoom is shown above the scale when the function is activated Link.
-3- Distance to destination/stopover
-4- Calculated time of arrival at destination/stopover
-5- Speed display1)
-6- Altitude display
-7- Location of the vehicle
-8- Display of upcoming turn-off
-9- Additional information Link
Crosshairs switched on:
-10- Additional information on the point selected with the crosshairs: If you use the crosshairs to select a point on the map, any existing information on this location, e.g. the address, will be displayed.
-11- Display of position coordinates of the crosshairs (longitude/latitude)
-12- Moving along the route: This function can be used while route guidance is activated. Turn the rotary pushbutton clockwise/anti-clockwise to move the map along the current route.
-13- Destination details menu: Display of details available for the point on the map you have selected (e.g. address). The selected point can be set as a destination or stopover, stored in the directory or called on the telephone.
-14- Calculating alternative routes for the destination currently entered Link
-15- Map contents such as traffic information, favourite destinations or restaurants
1) Applies to vehicles without camera-based speed limit display only

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