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Applies to vehicles: with navigation system and Audi connect
You can have the map display satellite images using the Google Earth map display.
Important: The requirements for Audi connect services must be met Link.
Select: NAV button > control button Settings > Map display > Google Earth.
For this map display the system uses data packets received online in the form of satellite pictures and combines these pictures with the road network from the Standard map display. The MMI has a memory capacity of 2 GB for temporarily storing the map/navigation data received online (corresponds to map/navigation data for about 4000 km of route guidance). You can also use the loaded satellite pictures for route guidance without an active data connection as long as these pictures are stored.
Google Street View
With Google Street View, you can explore many locations all over the world virtually from the perspective of a pedestrian. Google Street View is available as soon as the symbol -1- Fig. 1 is shown in the legend.
To start Google Street View, turn the rotary pushbutton to select a scale below 30 m.
The following options are available:
  • To photograph the current Street View image: Press the control button for Save -2- Fig. 2. Or: Press and hold the rotary pushbutton until the camera is triggered.
  • To explore a destination step-by-step: Press the rotary pushbutton when the symbol -3- is visible.
  • To zoom in/out of the current display (up to 4x): Turn the rotary pushbutton to the left/right -4-.
  • To pan the view to the left/right or move it up/down: Drag your finger across the MMI touch pad in the desired direction.
If available, Google Street View shows a picture of your destination during the last two manoeuvres of your route guidance. For this, the function Additional info must be switched on Link.
Additional information
In the Map content menu Link, you can activate the function to show additional information. To show the additional information move the crosshairs onto an item on the map and press the rotary pushbutton.
  • You can delete the data stored by the Google Earth map display using the Factory settings function Link.
  • Google Earth is an Audi connect service that is updated at regular intervals when it is called up. This can take a few seconds.
  • Please observe the notes in the chapter Notes on Audi connect Link.
  • When the Google Earth map display is switched on and the 3D driving position map is selected, the MMI display automatically switches to the 2D driving position map while you are driving through a tunnel.
  • For safety reasons, the Google Street View functions cannot be used while the vehicle is moving.

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