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Applies to vehicles: with lap timer (S models)
You can use the lap timer to evaluate the fastest, slowest and average lap times.
After you have evaluated the lap times, the lap timer starts a new session (i.e. continues with lap 1).
To evaluate the session, press and hold the RESET button -A- Fig. 2. The fastest lap "+", the slowest lap "" and the average time "Ø" will appear in the display.
To reset the lap timer and clear the lap times, press the RESET button again for about 2 seconds.
To restart the lap timer and record new laps, press the top part of the rocker switch -B- Fig. 2.
To exit the lap timer, briefly press the RESET button.
Explanation of evaluation in Fig. 1:
Total number of laps
: Best lap time
: Worst lap time
: Average lap time
/ : Page down/up
Delete entries and return to lap time recording
  • Recorded lap times cannot be deleted individually from the overall results.
  • The data recorded in the lap timer remain stored after the ignition is switched off.

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