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Applies to vehicles: with lap timer (S models) and multi-function steering wheel
Calling up the lap timer
Press button -B- on the multi-function steering wheel and scroll the thumbwheel -A- Fig. 1 until Lap timer Fig. 2 is selected in the menu.
Press the thumbwheel -A- to confirm your selection.
Recording lap times
To start the timer, press the thumbwheel -A- on the menu item Lap 1 - select OK. The lap time is displayed in line -3- Fig. 2.
To finish measuring the current lap time, press the thumbwheel -A- on the menu item New lap - select OK. The next lap time starts running immediately. The previous lap time moves to the top of the display -1-. The current lap is shown in line -3-.
The symbol will stay green if the current lap time is the best time so far. The symbol will turn red if the lap time is not as good -2-.
Displaying split times and interrupting the lap timer for a break
To display a split time , scroll the thumbwheel -A- until Split time appears in line -4-. Press the thumbwheel -A- to confirm your selection. The split time appears in line -3- for approximately 10 seconds. The current lap time continues running in the meantime.
If you want to take a break (pause ) immediately after displaying the split times, first press the thumbwheel -A- to confirm the menu item Back - select OK.
To pause the timer, scroll the thumbwheel -A- until Pause appears in line -4-. Press the thumbwheel -A- to confirm your selection. The pause symbol appears in line -3-.
Press the thumbwheel -A- to resume the lap time.
If you interrupt the lap timer to take a break, you can resume recording later on, even if you switched off the ignition in the meantime.
Legend for centre display Fig. 2:
Last recorded lap time
- : Start time - : Worst lap time - : Best lap time - : Split time - : Pause
Current lap time
- Lap 1 (start lap)
- New lap (start another lap)
- Split time (lap sector time)
- Pause (interrupt lap timer)
- Statistics (evaluate lap times)
- Reset (zero all lap times)

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