Audi A3  Setting off  Doors and windows  Central locking system
To unlock the vehicle, press the button Fig. 1.
To lock the vehicle, move the selector lever to position P (automatic gearbox) and press the  button WARNING!.
To unlock the boot lid, press the button briefly.
To open the boot lid, press the button for at least one second.
The vehicle will be locked again automatically if you do not open one of the doors or the boot lid within 30 seconds after unlocking the car. This function prevents the vehicle from remaining unlocked if the unlock button is pressed by mistake. This does not apply if you press and hold the  button for one second or longer.
On vehicles with the security central locking feature (for unlocking one side of the vehicle only) Link, you can unlock just the driver's door and the tank flap by pressing the button once, or the whole vehicle by pressing the button twice.
On vehicles with an anti-theft alarm system*, do not leave anyone (especially children) in the car if it is locked from the outside and the safelock mechanism* is activated: the doors and windows cannot then be opened from the inside Link. Locked doors could delay assistance in an emergency, potentially putting lives at risk.
Applies to vehicles with start/stop system and START ENGINE STOP* button: The ignition remains on when the start/stop system stops the engine. Before leaving the vehicle, ensure that the ignition is switched off Link. Otherwise it will not be possible to lock the vehicle.
  • Do not use the remote control key/convenience key when the vehicle is out of sight.
  • For further functions of the remote control key/convenience key, please refer to Link.

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