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Applies to vehicles: with adaptive headlight range control
The adaptive headlight range control automatically regulates the cone of light emitted by the main beam headlights depending on the ambient surroundings.
A camera (located in the mounting for the interior mirror) detects light sources from other road users. The vertical and horizontal range of the headlights is varied smoothly and virtually steplessly between dipped and main beams. The system controls the activation/deactivation of the main beams depending on how far away the traffic is on either side of the road.
Activating the adaptive headlight range control
Important: The light switch must be set to AUTO and the main beam assist function must be activated on the MMI* Link.
Push the lever to position -1- to activate the adaptive headlight range control. The indicator lamp  will light up in the instrument cluster display and the main beams will be switched on/off automatically. The indicator lamp is lit when the main beams are partially or fully on.
Switching the main beams on/off manually
If the main beams are not switched on or if the headlights are not dipped as expected, you can control the dip function manually:
To switch on the main beams manually, push the lever to position -1-. The indicator lamp will light up. To dip the headlights again, pull the lever to position -2-.
To dip the headlights manually, pull the lever to position -2-.
Flashing the headlights
Pull the lever to position -2- to flash the headlights when the adaptive headlight range control is activated. The adaptive headlight range control remains activated.
Driver message in the instrument cluster display
Main beam assist: system fault!
Drive to a qualified workshop soon and have the fault rectified. You can still switch the main beam headlights on and off manually.
Main beam assist: currently unavailable. No camera view
The camera vision is impaired, e.g. by stickers or dirt.
The sensor is located between the interior mirror and the windscreen. Do not affix any stickers on this section of the windscreen.
The adaptive headlight range control is only intended to assist the driver. The driver must always ensure that the headlights are used when required, and may have to switch them on or off manually, e.g. when the light conditions or visibility are poor. In the following situations manual intervention may be necessary:
  • Hazardous weather conditions such as fog, heavy rain and snow or water splashes
  • Roads on which oncoming traffic is partially concealed (e.g. on motorways)
  • Indiscernible road users (e.g. cyclists with poor lighting)
  • Tight corners, steep hill crests or valleys
  • Poorly lit towns
  • Highly reflective objects, such as road signs
  • Windscreen misted up, dirty, frosted or covered by stickers in front of the sensor
The range of the headlight beams will be adjusted automatically when traffic in front is detected on either side of the road. This prevents you from dazzling other road users.

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