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Turn the knob to the appropriate position:
0 - To deactivate all setting functions.
/ - To adjust the exterior mirror (left or right side). Move the knob in the desired direction.
- To heat* the mirrors (depends on the outside temperature).
- To fold in the exterior mirrors*.
Tilt function* for front passenger's exterior mirror
The mirror is tilted slightly to provide a better view of the kerb when parking backwards. This feature only works when the knob is in the position for adjusting the front passenger's mirror.
You can adjust the tilted mirror surface by moving the knob in the desired direction. This new position is automatically stored and assigned to the remote control key when you take the car out of reverse.
The mirror returns to its original position as soon as you drive forwards at over 15 km/h or switch off the ignition.
Folding mirrors in/out
To fold in the mirrors using the knob, turn it to the position marked .
To fold the mirrors out, turn the knob to position , or 0.
Applies to vehicles with MMI*: You can use the settings in the MMI to have the mirrors fold in when you lock the vehicle Link. The mirrors will then fold in when you lock the vehicle, and will fold out again when you switch on the ignition.
Convex or wide-angle* exterior mirrors give a larger field of vision. However, they make objects look smaller and further away than they really are. If you use these mirrors to estimate the distance to vehicles behind you when changing lane, you could misjudge the distance. Risk of accident!
  • Applies to vehicles with electrically retractable exterior mirrors*: If one of the mirror housings is knocked out of position (e.g. when parking), the mirrors must be fully retracted with the electric control. You will hear a loud noise when the mirrors snap back into place. Do not readjust the mirror housing by hand, as this will interfere with the mirror adjuster function.
  • Applies to vehicles without electrically retractable exterior mirrors: If one of the mirror housings is knocked out of position (e.g. when parking), it must be returned to its proper position by hand.
  • Before washing the vehicle in an automatic car wash, please make sure to retract the exterior mirrors to prevent them from being damaged. Electrically retractable exterior mirrors* must NOT be folded in or out by hand. Always use the electrical power control.
If the electrical adjustment should fail to operate, both of the mirrors can be adjusted by hand by lightly pressing the edge of the mirror glass.

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