Audi A3  Setting off  Seats and storage
Applies to vehicles: with electrical socket
Electrical equipment can be connected to the 12 Volt socket.
Pull the dummy plug out of the socket on the centre console Fig. 1, or
Open the cover of the socket in the luggage compartment* Fig. 2.
Insert the plug of the electrical appliance into the socket.
Electrical equipment can be connected to the 12 Volt socket. The appliances connected to the socket must not exceed a power rating of 120 W.
The socket will only work when the ignition is switched on. Improper use can cause serious injury or start a fire. To avoid the risk of injury, never leave children unsupervised in the vehicle with the key.
Always use the correct type of plugs to avoid damaging the sockets.
Using electrical appliances with the engine switched off will drain the battery.

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