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Front cup holder
Place your drinks in the holder Fig. 1. Two drinks can be placed in this cup holder. You can also stow larger plastic bottles or similar in the compartments in the door trim.
Rear cup holder*
To open the cup holder, lightly press the front of the cup holder -A- Fig. 2.
To place a cup in the cup holder, swivel either of the arms -B- outwards.
Then press the arm tight against the cup.
To close the cup holder, slide it all the way back into the slot.
  • Do not put any hot drinks in the cup holders while the vehicle is moving. You could be scalded if the hot liquid is spilt.
  • Do not use hard china cups or glasses. These could cause injury in the event of an accident.
You should avoid putting open drinks containers in the cup holders. The drinks could otherwise spill over and cause damage to e.g. the electrical equipment or the seat covers.
Further cup holders are located on either side of the rear seats.

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