Audi A3  Setting off  Heating and cooling  Heating system / air conditioner
Applies to vehicles: with seat heating
The seat heating has three levels. The heat level is indicated by an LED in each of the buttons (heating system/manual air conditioner Fig. 1), (automatic air conditioner Fig. 2).
To switch on the seat heating, press the  button once.
To reduce the level, press the button again.
To switch off the seat heating, press the  button repeatedly until all the LEDs have gone out.
The seat heating automatically switches from level 3 to level 2 after about 10 minutes.
When not to switch on the seat heating
Do not switch on the seat heating in the following situations:
  • Seat is unused
  • A protective cover is fitted on the seat
  • A child seat is fitted on the seat
  • The seat is damp or wet
People with limited capacity to feel pain or sense temperature could burn themselves when using the seat heating. These people must not use the seat heating - risk of injury!
To avoid damaging the heating elements of the seat heating, please do not kneel on the seat or apply sharp pressure at a single point.
  • The setting for the driver's seat heating is assigned to the key in use.
  • If the front passenger's seat heating was on when you last switched off the ignition, it will be switched on automatically only if the ignition is switched on again within 10 minutes.

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