Audi A3  Setting off  Driving  Start/stop system
The start/stop system can help to save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions.
In start/stop mode, the engine is switched off automatically when the vehicle stops, e.g. at traffic lights. The ignition remains on during this stop phase. The engine is automatically started on demand.
The start/stop system is automatically activated each time you switch on the ignition.
Basic conditions for start/stop mode
  • The driver's door must be closed.
  • The driver's seat belt must be buckled.
  • The bonnet must be closed.
  • The vehicle must have been moving at over 4 km/h since the last stop.
  • A trailer must not be hitched up to the vehicle.
  • Never switch off the engine until the vehicle is stationary. Otherwise you may not have the full benefit of the brake servo and power steering. You may need more strength to steer and brake the vehicle than you normally would. This would mean a greater risk of accidents and serious injury, because you cannot steer and brake in the normal manner.
  • Never remove the key from the ignition while the vehicle is moving. The steering lock could engage suddenly, and you would not be able to steer the car.
  • Always take the key with you when leaving the vehicle - even if you only intend to be gone for a short time. This is especially important if children are left in the car. They might otherwise be able to start the engine or use power-operated equipment such as the electric windows - this could lead to injuries.
  • To avoid injury, make sure that the start/stop system is switched off before working in the engine compartment Link.
Always switch off the start/stop system Link before driving through water.

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