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Coasting mode disengages the engine from the gearbox, which means that you can save fuel by anticipating the traffic situation ahead. The vehicle coasts without the engine braking effect, with the engine ticking over at idle speed. You can use coasting mode when approaching a speed restriction in a built-up area, for instance.
Activating coasting mode
Important: Select efficiency mode in drive select* Link (you only have to do this once) and move the selector lever to position D; the vehicle must be travelling at between 20 km/h and 160 km/h on a slight uphill or downhill gradient.
Take your foot off the accelerator.
If you have selected the "on-board computer" display, the message Coasting will then appear. The engine ticks over at idling speed while the vehicle is coasting.
Stopping coasting mode
Press the brake pedal or accelerator.
To use the engine braking effect and overrun fuel cut-off again, all you need to do is tap the brake pedal briefly.
You can improve your fuel economy and help to reduce emissions by using a combination of the coasting mode (i.e. coasting with low fuel consumption on a longer stretch of road) and the overrun fuel cut-off (i.e. using the engine braking effect with no fuel consumption on a shorter stretch of road).
  • When coasting mode is activated, there is no engine braking effect and the vehicle does not slow down as quickly as usual or may even pick up speed if you are driving down a slope - risk of accident!
  • If other people are using your car, you should draw their attention to the coasting mode.
  • Coasting mode is only available in efficiency mode (drive select*).
  • The message Coasting only appears when the current fuel consumption display is selected. The gear is no longer displayed when you are in coasting mode (e.g. E instead of E7).
  • The coasting mode is deactivated temporarily on gradients of 15 % or greater.
  • Coasting mode is not available while the cruise control system* or adaptive cruise control* is switched on.

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