Audi A3  Setting off  e-tron  Plug-in hybrid drive
Applies to vehicles: with plug-in hybrid drive
Your vehicle has two separate coolant expansion tanks:
-A-: Expansion tank for combustion engine and electric motor.
-B-: Expansion tank for high-voltage area.
Expansion tank -B- must not be opened WARNING!.
Always check the coolant level in both expansion tanks -A- and -B- using the external markings as a guide.
Please read the information on Link before topping up the coolant in expansion tank -A-.
If the coolant level in expansion tank -B- drops, please contact a qualified workshop without delay WARNING!.
Expansion tank -B- must not be opened.
  • When coolant is added to expansion tank -B-, it can get inside the battery and cause a short circuit - risk of fire!
  • Expansion tank -B- may be opened and topped up by a qualified workshop only.

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