Audi A3  Setting off  e-tron
Applies to vehicles: with plug-in hybrid drive and special charging cable
Use the special charging cable to charge the vehicle at a public charging station. For more information, contact a qualified workshop.
Always stow the charging cable in the bag Link prior to transport.
To charge the battery, follow the instructions at the charging station.
If necessary, unlock the vehicle.
Ensure that the selector lever is in position P and the vehicle status is not ready.
To open the cover on the charging unit, turn the catch to the vertical position Fig. 2.
If necessary, push the cover carefully to the side.
Pull the cap off the charging connection Fig. 3.
Remove the protective caps on the charging cable.
Connect the cable to the charging station and to the charging connection on the vehicle.
If no charging timer is set, the charging process should start automatically (this is controlled by the charging station) Link.
The vehicle status is indicated by an LED -2- Table "Vehicle: Charging unit".
Please observe the notes on Link / Link.
  • On some charging stations it is not possible to use the charging timer.
  • If the charging station has a domestic or industrial connection, you can use your Audi e-tron charging system.

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