Audi A3  Setting off  e-tron  Charging the vehicle with the Audi e-tron charging system
Applies to vehicles: with plug-in hybrid drive
The high voltage battery must have finished charging.
The vehicle charging connector must be unplugged from the vehicle charging connection.
The mains plug must be removed from the power outlet.
Releasing the cable
If necessary, remove the screw -C- Fig. 1 using the screwdriver supplied.
Lift the lever -A- all the way up.
Pull the connector -B- out until the first point of resistance.
Close the lever -A- until it is resting on the connector -B-.
Pull the connector -B- all the way out.
Securing the cable
Lift the lever -A- Fig. 2 slightly.
Push the connector -B- into the operating unit until the first point of resistance.
Lift the lever -A- all the way up.
Push the connector -B- all the way into the operating unit.
Close the lever -A-.
Secure the screw -C- using the screwdriver supplied.
  • Always remove the mains cable from the power outlet before changing the mains cable or vehicle cable.
  • Always adhere to the specified operating sequence when charging the high-voltage battery. Do not unplug the vehicle charging cable while the vehicle is being charged. Terminate the charging cycle before unplugging the vehicle charging cable from the socket.
  • Change the cable in dry environments only.
  • The Audi e-tron charging system must always be used complete with the mains cable, operating unit and vehicle cable. We recommend that you use only cables approved by Audi.

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