Audi A3  Setting off  e-tron  Charging the vehicle with the Audi e-tron charging system
The amount of time required to charge the vehicle with the Audi e-tron charging system can vary depending on the following:
  • Type of power outlet used (domestic or industrial).
  • Voltage and amp rating in your country.
  • Charging capacity setting on operating unit (50 % or 100 %).
  • Fluctuations in mains supply.
  • Ambient temperature surrounding the vehicle.
  • Temperature of high-voltage battery.
  • Air conditioner settings for interior temperature.
  • Electrical capacity of charging connector.
Charging time at 100 % capacity
Domestic outlet (230 V, 10 A)
approx. 3.7 hours
Domestic outlet (100 V, 10 A)
approx. 10 hours
Industrial outlet (230 V, 16 A)
approx. 2.3 hours
Industrial outlet (200 V, 16 A)
approx. 2.5 hours
Table  Example charging times
  • Various charging cable versions are available because of the different mains ratings in different countries. In certain cases, the full charging capacity may not be available as a result. Please contact a qualified workshop if you have any questions.
  • Charging times may be longer in extremely high or low-temperature environments.

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