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Applies to vehicles: with cruise control system
Switching off temporarily
Press the brake pedal, or
Push the lever to position -2- (click stop not engaged) Fig. 1, or
Switching off completely
Push the lever to position -2- (click stop engaged), or
Switch off the ignition.
The speed setting will remain stored after the system is temporarily deactivated. To resume the programmed cruising speed, release the brake pedal and pull the control lever to position -1-.
The programmed cruising speed is deleted if you switch off the cruise control system completely or switch off the ignition.
Do not resume the programmed cruising speed if this is too high for the traffic conditions - this can cause accidents.
  • The cruise control system will be deactivated if you keep your foot on the clutch pedal.
  • The cruise control system is deactivated if the brakes become too hot while driving. If this happens on a slope, you can reduce the load on the brakes by selecting a lower gear.
  • The ESC sport mode cannot be switched on when the cruise control system is activated.

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