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Applies to vehicles: with Audi adaptive cruise control and Audi pre sense front
These general notes apply to the adaptive cruise control* and pre sense front* Link.
The area surrounding the radar sensor Fig. 1 must be kept free of stickers, deposits and any other substances which could impair the function of the adaptive cruise control and pre sense front systems. Notes on cleaning Link. Please bear the above in mind if technical modifications are made to the front of the vehicle.
The functionality of the adaptive cruise control and pre sense front systems is restricted in certain situations:
  • Objects cannot be detected until they are within the range of the sensor Fig. 2.
  • The ability of the system to detect objects in front is limited when they are too close, travelling out of line, or moving into your lane.
  • Vehicles that are not clearly discernible, e.g. a motorcycle or cyclist travelling in front of you and vehicles with high ground clearance or a protruding load, are often identified late or are not detected at all.
  • When driving through bends Link.
  • When vehicles are stationary Link.
Please always direct your full attention to the road, even when you are using the adaptive cruise control and pre sense front Link is activated. It is always the driver who is responsible for pulling away safely and maintaining a safe speed and distance from other road users. The purpose of pre sense front is to assist the driver. The driver must always intervene manually to avoid an impending collision. As the driver you are always responsible for braking in good time.
  • For safety reasons, the adaptive cruise control must not be used on roads with a lot of bends or in poor weather or difficult or slippery driving conditions (such as ice, fog, loose grit or gravel, heavy rain, etc.) - risk of accident!
  • When you take a turn-off, drive along a motorway exit lane or pass through roadwork sections, please temporarily switch off the adaptive cruise control system. This is to ensure that the vehicle does not accelerate to the cruising speed in such situations.
  • The adaptive cruise control system will not brake the vehicle automatically if you rest your foot on the accelerator pedal. Resting your foot on the accelerator pedal overrides the speed and distance control function.
  • The adaptive control system does not react and the functionality of pre sense front is restricted when you approach stationary traffic, such as the end of a traffic jam.
  • The adaptive cruise control and pre sense front systems do not react to pedestrians, animals or crossing or oncoming traffic.
  • Reflecting objects, such as crash barriers, the entrance to a tunnel, heavy rain or ice can impair the function of the radar sensor.
Impacts or damage to the bumper, wheel arches or underbody can cause misalignment of the sensor. The adaptive cruise control and pre sense front systems can be impaired as a result. Have the systems checked by a qualified workshop.

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