Audi A3  Driver assistance  Driver assist systems  Audi active lane assist (lane departure warning feature)
You can change the active lane assist settings on the MMI to suit your individual preferences.
Select: MENU button > Car > control button Systems* > Driver assist > Audi active lane assist.
Steering input1)
early: If this setting is selected, a continuous steering input assists the driver to keep the vehicle in the middle of the lane.
late: If this setting is selected, the steering is not corrected until just before a wheel touches a detected lane marking.
Vibration warning
You can switch the additional steering wheel vibration warning on/off.
When the vibration warning is switched off, no visual warnings are given in the instrument cluster display if you cross a lane marking.
Your personal settings are stored automatically and assigned to the remote control key which is being used (only applies to some countries).
1) This function is not available on all export versions.

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