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The brightness of the warning lamp can be adjusted on the MMI*.
Select: MENU button > Car > control button Systems* > Driver assist > Audi side assist.
The brightness of the warning lamp in both the information and warning modes is regulated automatically according to the ambient light level. If you are in very dark or very light surroundings when you adjust the brightness of the warning lamp, the automatic brightness control may already have reached the lowest or the brightest setting. In such a case it is possible that you won't notice a difference while you are adjusting the brightness or that you will only notice it once the light surroundings have changed.
Please adjust the brightness of the warning lamp for the information mode so that it does not distract you while you are looking at the road in front. When you change the brightness, the warning lamp on the exterior mirror will light up briefly with the intensity set for the information mode. The intensity of the lamp in the warning mode is linked to the intensity in the information mode and is adjusted automatically.
  • The side assist is not active while the settings are being adjusted.
  • Your personal settings are stored automatically and assigned to the remote control key which is being used.

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