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Applies to vehicles: with parking system plus with reversing camera
The reversing camera is located above the rear number plate. Please ensure that the lens of the reversing camera Fig. 2 is kept free of deposits and any other substances which could impair the function of the parking aid. Notes on cleaning Link.
-1- Fig. 1 represents the area covered by the reversing camera. Only this area is shown in the picture on the MMI display. Objects out of range of the camera in area -2- do not appear in the picture.
The accuracy of the orientation lines and the blue area markings decreases if the dynamic mode is activated Link.
  • Please observe the safety warnings WARNING!.
  • For safety reasons, you should not use the system if the position and installation angle of the reversing camera have been changed, e.g. due to an accident. Have it checked by a qualified workshop.
  • Only use the reversing camera to assist you if it is supplying you with a good and clear picture. The quality of the picture can be impaired by adverse light, dirt on the lens or a defect.
  • Only use the reversing camera when the boot lid is completely closed. The orientation lines and blue markings are not shown when the boot lid is open. Please make sure that there are no objects mounted to the rear end of the vehicle which could block the view of the reversing camera.
  • The camera lens enlarges and distorts the field of vision. Objects on the screen are modified and depicted inaccurately.
  • In certain situations, people or objects on the display may appear closer or further away than they really are:
    • Objects which are not touching the ground, such as the bumper of a parked vehicle, a tow-bar or the rear end of a truck. In this case, do not use the orientation lines as a guide.
    • When you are reversing from a horizontal surface up a gradient or down a hill.
    • When approaching protruding objects.
    • When the vehicle has been loaded with a greater load on the rear.
  • Please observe the safety warnings Caution!.
  • The orange orientation lines on the MMI display show the path of the rear end of the vehicle if you were to reverse using the current steering angle. NB: The front end of the vehicle swings out further than the rear. Please make sure you keep a sufficient distance between the vehicle and any obstacles to make sure that the exterior mirror or edge of the vehicle do not collide with the obstacles.

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