Audi A3  Driver assistance  Intelligent technology
Electro-mechanical power steering assists the driver when steering.
The degree of power assistance is adapted electronically, depending on the speed.
If the power steering should fail at any time or the engine is switched off (for instance when being towed), the car can still be steered. However, substantially more effort than normal will be required to turn the steering wheel.
Warning/indicator lamps and driver messages
Do not drive vehicle: steering defective
If the warning lamp lights up permanently and the message appears, there may be a power steering failure.
Do NOT drive on. Obtain professional assistance.
Do not drive vehicle: steering defective
There is a malfunction in the electronic steering lock. The ignition can no longer be switched on.
Do not have the vehicle towed away, because you won't be able to steer it. Obtain professional assistance.
Steering malfunction: you can continue driving
If the indicator lamp lights up, the steering response may be heavier or lighter than usual. In addition, it is possible that the steering wheel will be off centre when driving in a straight line.
Drive slowly to a qualified workshop and have the fault rectified.
Steering lock: system fault! Please contact workshop
There is a malfunction in the electronic steering lock.
Drive to a qualified workshop soon and have the fault rectified.
Have the system malfunction repaired by a qualified workshop as soon as possible – risk of accident!
You can drive on if the warning/indicator lamp or lights up only briefly.

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