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Only use child restraint systems that are officially approved and suitable for the child.
Child restraint systems are covered by the European standard ECE-R 44. An orange label is usually attached to child seats which have been tested in accordance with this standard. Information on weight categories, ISOFIX size class and the approval category of the child seat can be found on this label.
Child seats are divided into five weight categories:
Child seats: categories 0 and 0+
Rearward-facing carry cots are most appropriate for these categories (up to 13 kg). Our recommendation: Audi carry cot with optional ISOFIX base.
Child seats: category 1
In this category (9 to 18 kg), rearward or forward-facing child seats with an integrated seat belt system are most appropriate. Rearward-facing child seats should be used for as long as safely possible. Our recommendation: Audi child seat with ISOFIX base.
Child seats: categories 2 and 3
Child seats with backrests used in conjunction with seat belts are most appropriate for these categories (15 to 36 kg). Our recommendation: Audi child seat "youngster plus".
  • Categories 0, 0+ and 1 (rearward-facing): Never install a rearward-facing child seat on the front passenger's seat unless the front passenger's airbag has been deactivated – this can result in potentially fatal injuries to the child. If you have no alternative but to let a child travel on the front passenger's seat, the front passenger's airbag must be deactivated* beforehand Link.
  • Categories 1 (forward-facing), 2 and 3: The back of the child seat should be flush with the backrest of the vehicle seat. If the rear head restraint obstructs you when installing the child seat, adjust* or remove it completely Link. After removing the child seat, install the passenger's head restraint again immediately and adjust it to the correct position. Travelling with the head restraints removed or incorrectly adjusted increases the risk of severe injuries.
  • Categories 2 and 3: The shoulder section of the belt must be fitted across the centre of the child's collar bone close to the torso. It must never run against or across the neck. The lap belt must be worn tightly across the hips, and not over the stomach or abdomen. Pull the belt tight if necessary to take up any slack.
  • Wait for as long as possible before changing up to the next child seat group.
We recommend child seats from the range of Audi Genuine Accessories:

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