Audi A3  Safety  Seat belts  How to wear seat belts properly
Always position seat belts properly for maximum safety.
The following features allow you to match the position of the seat belt to your height:
  • Belt height adjustment
  • Seat height adjustment (front seats)
  • The shoulder section of the belt should be fitted across the centre of the collar bone close to the body. To fasten the belt, take hold of the belt above the latch plate and pull it slowly down across your chest. Wear the lap portion of the seat belt as low as possible over the hips so that there is no pressure on the lower abdomen. The belt should always be worn tightly Fig. 1. Pull the belt tight if necessary to take up any slack.
  • Always make sure that belt is positioned properly. Incorrectly worn seat belts can give rise to injuries even in a minor collision.
  • Seat belts worn too loose can result in injuries because they allow excessive forward movement in a crash; the occupant will be brought to a sudden stop by the belt webbing.

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