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Please note the information on the inside of the fuel tank flap.
The use of sulphur-free diesel to EN 590 is recommended. If that type of fuel is unavailable, diesel to EN 590 can be used. It must have a cetane number (CN) of at least 51. The cetane number indicates the ignition quality of the diesel fuel.
Diesel can thicken at very low temperatures, which can result in problems starting the engine or prevent the engine from running smoothly. For this reason, filling stations in some countries offer winter-grade diesel fuel during the cold months so that you can continue to operate your vehicle reliably. Ask at your filling station whether the diesel fuel available there is suitable for the current conditions and for the temperatures which could potentially occur.
  • Never use FAME fuels (biodiesel), petrol, heating oil, thinners or any other fuels or additives, as these could cause serious damage to the fuel system and the engine.
  • If poor-quality diesel fuel is used, it may be necessary to have the water separator1) on the fuel filter drained more frequently than is specified in the Service Schedule. This helps to prevent potential engine faults Link.
  • Never start the engine if you fill up with the wrong type of fuel, as this could damage the fuel system and the engine. Obtain professional assistance.
For the sake of the environment
Never pour fuel down drains or into the ground.
1) This equipment is not available on all export versions.

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