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The service interval display in the instrument cluster of your vehicle will inform you when it is time for an oil change. We recommend having the oil changed by a qualified workshop.
If you have to top up the oil between oil changes, use the grades of oil specified in the table in accordance with VW standards. You will need to know whether
  • the vehicle is being serviced based on the flexible or fixed oil change service (see last service record in Service Schedule).
  • the vehicle has a petrol or diesel engine (see sticker on inside of fuel tank flap).
  • a diesel particulate filter is fitted on the vehicle (see Delivery Inspection section of Service Schedule).

Oil Change Service (flexible)
Oil Change Service (fixed)
VW 504 00
VW 502 00
VW 504 001)
VW 507 00
With diesel particulate filter:
VW 507 00

Without diesel particulate filter:
VW 505 01
VW 507 002)
If the oil grades specified in the table are not available, you can use one of the following grades as a substitute. To prevent damage to the engine, this should not be done more than once between oil changes and no more than 0.5 litres should be used.
  • Petrol engines: ACEA A3 or API SN (API SM) standard
  • Diesel engines: ACEA C3 or API CJ-4 standard
  • For China: Only oil complying with VW standard 502 00 with viscosity SAE 5W-40 may be used on vehicles with a petrol engine.
  • The flexible oil change service is not available in all countries.
1) When using fuel complying with EN 228 or DIN 51626-1
2) When using fuel complying with EN 590 or DIN 51628

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