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All work on batteries requires specialist knowledge.
The battery is located in the engine compartment and is almost maintenance-free. It is checked as part of the Inspection Service.
Plug-in hybrid drive*: Please also note the information on the high-voltage battery Link.
Disconnecting the battery
The battery should always be left connected. If the battery is disconnected, some of the vehicle's functions will become inoperative (e.g. electric windows). These functions will require resetting after the battery is reconnected. For this reason, the battery should only be disconnected from the vehicle's electrical system when absolutely necessary.
One-touch function of the electric windows
Remote control key or
convenience key
If the vehicle does not respond to the key, the key will have to be synchronised Link
Digital clock
ESC indicator lamp
The indicator lamp will go out after driving a few yards
If the vehicle is not used for long periods
If you do not drive your vehicle for a period of several days or weeks, the power management will gradually shut off the on-board systems one by one, or reduce the amount of current they are using. This limits the amount of power consumed and helps to ensure reliable starting even after a long period Link. Certain convenience features, such as interior lighting or electric seat adjustment*, may not be available. These functions will be restored when you switch on the ignition and start the engine. Even though some systems are deactivated automatically, certain electrical equipment continues to draw current even when the ignition is off. If the vehicle is left standing for long periods, this can result in total battery discharge. If the battery is allowed to discharge completely, an internal chemical reaction destroys the battery. To avoid this, the battery should be recharged at least once a month Link. Do not disconnect the battery; otherwise the anti-theft alarm system* will be out of operation.
Winter conditions
Cold weather is very hard on the battery. The starting capacity may be reduced as a result. For this reason, have the battery checked and charged if necessary before the start of winter.
  • All work on batteries requires specialist knowledge. For queries regarding the vehicle battery please seek the assistance of a qualified workshop - risk of chemical burns / risk of explosion!
  • The battery must not be opened. Do not attempt to make any changes to the electrolyte level of the battery. Otherwise, there is a risk that a mixture of oxygen and hydrogen gas can accumulate and cause an explosion.

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