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Vehicles with towline anchorage
On vehicles which do not have a factory-fitted towing bracket*, a screw connection is located behind a cover cap on the right side of the rear bumper.
Take the towline anchorage out of the vehicle tool kit Link.
To remove the cover cap from the bumper, press it in at the top -arrow- and pull it out at the bottom Fig. 1.
Screw the towline anchorage into the screw connection as far as it will go Fig. 2 and tighten it with the box spanner.
Put the towline anchorage back in the tool kit after use.
Vehicles with towing bracket*
The removable ball joint must be attached before you can use the towing bracket Link.
Insert the ball joint Link.
Attach the tow-bar or the tow-rope to the ball joint.
On some models, the shape of the cap can vary.
Vehicles which have a factory-fitted towing bracket* do not have a screw connection at the rear for the towline anchorage.
If the towline anchorage is not screwed in as far as the stop, there is a risk of the screw connection shearing off during towing - risk of accident!
To avoid damaging the towing bracket*, only use tow-bars with suitable attachments. If a tow-bar is not available, a tow-rope may be used.

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