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You must only replace a bulb with a bulb of the same type. Information regarding e.g. the wattage can be found on the base of the bulb.
The description for changing the bulb refers to the left headlight; the procedure for the right headlight is similar.
Halogen headlights
The following bulbs can be changed on vehicles with halogen headlights Fig. 1:
Bulb (12 V)
-1- Turn signal
PWY 24 W
-2- Side light
W 5 W
-3- Main beam headlight/daytime running light
55/15 W
(H15 LL)
-4- Dipped-beam headlight (LongLife)
55 W (H7 LL)
-5- Front fog light1)
35 W (H8)
Xenon headlights*
On vehicles with xenon headlights Fig. 2, you can change the following bulbs yourself:
Bulb (12 V)
-6- Turn signal
PWY 24 W
-7- Turning light*
35 W (H8)
-8- Front fog light1)
35 W (H8)
LED headlights*
The bulbs cannot be changed on vehicles with LED headlights.
1) The front fog lights on some models will differ in appearance from those shown.

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